Handmade wooden crayons with various colour of pencil leads. The colour spectrum consists of eleven basic colours. The base is created by non-processed hazelnut roundwood. It is really easy to draw with our crayons in the same way as the classical ones. The logos and slogans are burnt in manually, so there is no problem to personalize your crayons (e.g. first names, names of sights, cities and towns, various messages, etc.). We supply a birch basket with the first delivery, which serves to display your crayons.
- length 18 cms, width from 1 to 2.5 cms

Ballpoint pens

Advertising wooden ballpoint pens are made of hazelnut roundwood. You can write really easily with our ballpoint pens. We can burn in a slogan according to your demands. The length of the slogan is limited only by the length of the ballpoint pen.
- Length 18 cms


Handmade hazelnut wooden whistle. The whistle has a leather strap to be worn on the neck. You can have any slogan on your whistle.
- length 8 cms
- diameter from 1 to 2.5 cms

Whistle with a crayon

Combination of a whistle and a crayon. The whistle is fully functional and it is also possible to draw with it. The wooden part is made of hazelnut roundwood. It is possible to burn in a slogan on the crayon body.
- length 18 cms
- diameter 1 cm ¬to 2.5 cms
- 11 basic colours of pencil leads

Crayon on your neck

A crayon with a leather strap to be worn on your neck. We can burn in any slogan on your crayon limited only by its length.
- length 9 cms
- diameter 1 to ¬ 1.5 cms
- 11 basic colours of pencil lead

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